10 Best AI tools for writers, You Might Need

Artificial Intelligence is becoming an increasingly popular technology. Currently the use of AI for various human needs is increasingly widespread. Including one of them in the field of writing. To help writers, now more and more AI tools for writers have emerged.

The emergence of AI-based chatbots that are capable of producing writing has increasingly become the subject of discussion lately. Because the presence of this technology is felt to be able to help the process of writing content for various needs.

Even so, you should also understand that AI tools still have limitations. This is actually a natural thing because basically, AI was not created to steal our writing work, but to optimize and facilitate the writing process.

10 Best AI Tools for Writers

Currently, more and more people are interested in using AI to help their writing process. Therefore, in this article we will summarize the best AI tools for writers for writing, copywriting and translation purposes.

Most of the AI tools are paid, but there are also some that offer free versions or free trial programs. Here are some recommendations worth considering:

1. Best AI Tools For Writers: Copy.ai

AI tools for writers: Copy.ai

One of the AI platforms for writers that is quite recommended is Copy.ai. As the name implies, this platform is an AI tool specifically developed to help ease the profession of a copywriter.

You can create various marketing content using the help of copy.ai. This platform will provide convenience in the process of creating online content such as captions, copy ads, and so on more practically and easily.

The workings of using Copy.ai are relatively easy. You only need to list the type of content you want to create, then list some of the main points to be raised, and then choose the appropriate writing style.

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After all the data descriptions are complete, the platform will immediately make several copywriting drafts that can be selected and customized as needed. Thus the process of creating marketing content will be shorter and more effective.

Copy.ai has a user interface that is quite neat and easy to master. So that this platform can be used easily even for beginners. In addition, this AI platform for writers also has support for dozens of languages.

These various advantages make Copy.ai one of the best platforms that can be used to help copywriters. You can use the platform for free if you don’t use more than 2,000 words per month.

However, if you want to get more complete functions and features, you can upgrade the service to the Pro package. The subscription fee required to use the Pro package from Copy.ai is $49 per month.

2. Rytr

Rytr for help your writting work

Rytr is an AI tool for writers that can be considered next. This AI-based platform can also be used to meet the needs of writers in producing quality content.

In use, Rytr is a platform that is quite easy to use. Users simply select the type of content they want to create. Then list a number of inputs as the context. Furthermore, the AI will immediately write content according to the data that was previously inputted.

In addition, Rytr offers thousands of content ideas that users can use as inspiration. So you can create more varied and structured content to meet your digital content needs.

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In addition, the Rytr platform is also equipped with a plagiarism checking feature that is integrated into the software. So that the opportunity to be able to produce original content will be maximized.

This AI platform also supports more than 30 languages used. So you can create writing content using the various languages you want. To use Pemium’s services, you only need to pay from $ 9 per month.

3. QuillBot

Quillbot AI writer

 QuillBot can be the next choice of AI tools for writers. This one platform can be considered as an all-rounder AI. QuillBot can check the grammar of your writing, the originality of your writing, and even rewrite your work using a different writing style.

One of the most important features of QuillBot is Co-Writer. This feature will help users from the research stage to writing and editing. So that the process of writing content will be more effective and efficient.

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QuillBot’s research capabilities make it a highly recommended platform for creating essay content. This platform is even equipped with a Citation Generator which will assist users in including quotes from the references they use.

In general, QuillBot is more targeted at school and academic use. Therefore, QuillBot is available in a free version with minimal limitations. However, if you want to use the platform without limitations, then you only need to pay a subscription fee of $ 9.95 per month.

4. Jasper

create content easyly using Jasper

The recommendation for AI tools for writers that can be used next is Jasper. Prior to changing its name to Jasper, the platform was previously known as Jarvis. Jasper is an AI tool that has very complete features to meet your writing needs.

This platform can be used for various activities ranging from social media posts, video scripts, long-form articles, and even books. So you can create various types of content according to your needs.

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Even though it can be used for various needs, you still need to be wise in using this platform. Just like most other AI tools, the output produced by Jasper is not always perfect. So it needs further editing by the user concerned.

One of the best features Jasper has is Community Recipes. This feature allows users to quickly create certain types of content based on ‘recipes’ from the Jasper user community.

Seeing the advantages offered by Jasper, it’s only natural that the subscription fee is quite expensive. To be able to use this service in full, you need to pay a subscription fee of $ 49 per month. Before using the full service, you can enjoy a 5-day trial period for free.

5. AI tools for writers: Chibi AI

AI tools for writers: Chibi AI

Chibi AI is a tool designed for content writers who want to focus on their own ideas. When using this platform, it is hoped that you will be able to develop content that is tailored to the ideas that will be developed.

The features provided on this platform will really help a writer’s workflow. Starting from rewriting paragraphs using a different language style, shortening, and or also expanding the idea.

In general, Chibi AI is not a suitable tool for developing writing from scratch. However, this platform can further refine the content of the writing drafts that you have previously made.

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When using the Chibi platform, you can set for yourself when the AI should assist your writing. So you can choose which parts really need help from AI.

Before using Chibi AI, make sure you know if this platform supports English only. If you are interested in using these AI tools for writers, you need to pay a subscription fee of $ 20 per month.

6. SudoWrite

Sudowrite for your writting need daily

The recommendation for the AI tools for writers platform that can be used next is SudoWrite. For those of you who want to write short stories, novels, game scripts, or content with a strong narrative, then Sudorwite is the right choice.

This platform has a brainstorming feature that will make it easier for users to sort out ideas for ideas that they want to develop. You can even choose the idea of choosing the names of the characters that will be used in writing the story content.

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If you want to describe something in detail, you can take advantage of the Describe feature in Sudowrite. Later the AI in Sudowrite will produce detailed description content in various contexts according to the input data.

Apart from that, Sudowrite also has a neat user interface with very easy navigation. So even novice users will have no difficulty when using the platform.

To be able to use Sudowrite in full, you must pay a subscription fee. The subscription price for using Sudowrite is $19 per month. If you are curious, you can try it for free first through the trial period.

7. AI Writer

AI Writer for your productivity

AI Writer is the next best AI tool for writers 2023 you should know. AIWriter is an attractive choice for its creative content creation options. This platform is not only an attractive choice but also has a straightforward user interface.

Despite lacking some of the customization features than its competitors, AI Writer is still widely supported and sufficiently precise to be of great use. So you can still create contents using this platform for your needs.

AI Writer has an impressive set of features that can easily create content for all kinds of articles. You can create news stories to blog posts for your website. The app can generate articles from simply a headline or a keyword.

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AIWriter has an awesome Sub Topic discoverer that analyzes existing content on a certain topic, then offers you a unique take on it, so you can share your own fresh perspective!

For the need of your website, AI Writer can also generate SEO content. The SEO text editor is useful for creating SEO-optimized content, though the experience may be a bit drab. But, when it comes to optimization, it’ll definitely do the trick!

The pricing starts at $29, and while it may be expensive in the long run, if you’re looking to freshen up your content quickly, then AI Writer can help.

8. GrowthBar

imporved your SEO content using Growthbar

The recommended choice of AI tools for writers that can be considered next is GrowthBar. For those of you who want to focus on SEO content, GrowthBar can be the best choice to use.

GrowthBar is an AI tool that can be used for writing as well as a complete package for those of you who need SEO optimization. Besides being able to be used to create promotional content, GrowthBar is also equipped with a number of important features such as those found in popular SEO tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush.

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You can do a lot of things using GrowthBar. Starting from conducting keyword research, monitoring rankings, SEO performance, and other activities related to Search Engine optimization.

Even though the results obtained are not as optimal as special SEO tools, GrowthBar can be a solution for your content writing needs. The use of AI on this platform will make the content writing process more effective and efficient.


best AI writer: WordTune

The next recommended AI tools for writers to choose from is WordTune. This platform is a simple AI tool for all purposes related to paraphrasing. So that the process of creating content becomes easier and more effective.

Imagine if you already have a written draft, but you feel there is still something that could be revised to create better content. So this is where WordTune’s role that you can use is to make improvements to the draft content that was made before.

Using WordTune, you can develop different and more creative writing. You can rewrite the sentence using a different style of speech. You can also lengthen sentences or shorten them as needed.

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One of the advantages offered by WordTune is that it is integrated with Microsoft Word. So that the writing that has been produced can be directly brought into MS Word to shorten the processing process.

WordTune actually provides a free version that anyone can access. However, for this free version, users are limited to only doing a maximum of 10 rewrites per day. If you want to remove these limitations, you can use a premium service with a subscription fee of $ 25 per month.

10. AI Tools for Writers: Writesonic

AI tools for writers: Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI tool that is ideal for users who want to create original content with SEO optimization. So the AI tools for writers platform can not only be used to create content that is easy to read but also SEO friendly.

You can create various types of content using this one platform. Starting from blog posts, product descriptions in e-commerce, or also including email marketing. Writesonic offers many tools that can be adapted to the specific needs of each user.

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Writesonic already supports more than 25 languages. Another advantage that Writesonic has is that users have the option to choose AI according to their preferences. You can choose to use GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 which was recently released by OpenAI.

It’s just that the GPT-4 version will of course require a more expensive subscription fee. For example, in the free version of Writesonic you can generate up to 10,000 words using the GPT version – 3.5. But if you use the GPT-4 version, it can only produce 5,000 words. If you need more than that amount, Writesonic provides premium features with subscription fees starting at $ 19 per month.


The rapid development of technology has brought many innovations in the world of artificial intelligence. One of them is in the field of providing an AI platform to help the needs of writers.

For you writers, the presence of AI can also be used to increase work productivity and effectiveness. Currently, there are many types of AI platforms that writers can use. Starting from Jasper, Copy.ai, Chibi AI, GrowthBar, Writesonic, and so on.

Those are some recommendations for choosing AI tools for writers that you should know about. Now with these recommendations, I hope you won’t be confused anymore if you want to use artificial intelligence to produce work and increase productivity.

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