6 AI for Creating Websites, Easy and No Coding Required

Artificial Intelligence Technology is currently experiencing increasingly rapid development. Artificial intelligence can be used to help several human jobs, including one of which is making websites. Then what are the AI for creating websites that can be used?

The existence of artificial intelligence technology to create websites will make website creation easier and faster. Even if you want to create a website from 0 then this artificial intelligence will be a very helpful tool.

In general, to create a website, of course, requires coding and design skills. With this artificial intelligence-based technology, you no longer have to be able to code to create a website.

6 AI Technologies To Create Websites

Maybe many of you are then wondering about how to create a website using artificial intelligence. The process of creating a website using AI is actually relatively easy. You only need to provide basic information about the desired website.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence technology will create websites automatically. For those of you who are curious about AI to create websites, here are the best choices.

1. AI for Creating Websites: Wix ADI

AI for creating websites using WIX ADI

The first AI technology to consider is Wix ADI or what is known as Wix Artificial Design Intelligence. This tool is an artificial intelligence developed by a website development company called Wix.

As is well known, Wix is a website builder platform that is quite popular for beginners to create websites. Wix ADI is designed to simplify the process of creating a website without using programming code at all.

The process of creating a website using Wix ADI is actually relatively easy. Wix ADI will provide a number of questions in detail to users regarding what kind of website they want to develop.

Wix ADI users only need to fill in or answer these questions in detail according to the desired website. Next, Wix ADI will create a website based on the information that has been obtained from that user.

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The process of making this website will certainly become easier. Because users no longer need to bother coding or thinking about website design. Only by entering detailed information, an artificial intelligence engine will create a website for you.

As an additional feature, Wix ADI also provides a number of customization features for the website that has been successfully created. So you can make the appearance of the website more perfect as you wish.

Wix ADI is available in two price categories of services that can be used. The first option is the free version which of course has limited features. Then the next option is the premium version with full features priced starting at US$ 16.

2. Uizard.io

Uizard.io to make websites using AI technology

The AI recommendation for creating a website that can be chosen next is Uizard.io. You need to know that actually this site is not purely a tool for website creation. This platform is more of a mockup or prototype creation when designing a website.

This prototype or mockup is usually needed by developers to present the website design that will be made to clients. So that these prospective clients have a more realistic picture of the website design that they will get later.

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The process of creating a mockup using Uizard.io is very easy. You only need to upload the desired website screenshot file, the sketch results. Or handwriting. After uploading, Uizard.io will immediately create mockups and prototypes according to the images that were previously uploaded.

Later the results of the mockup that has been uploaded can be customized according to individual tastes. One of the advantages offered by Uizard.io is the collaboration feature. This feature will allow you to work with your teammates on the same worksheet.

Unfortunately there is no free version for using this one platform. Uizard.io is available in two service price options, namely the Pro Package and the Business Package. The Pro package starts at US$12. Meanwhile, the Business package costs US$ 39 per month.

3. Zyro

AI for creating websites: Zyro

The recommendation AI for creating websites that can be used next is Zyro. In general, Zyro is a website builder platform that is somewhat similar to Wix. Through this platform you can create a website according to the design and taste you want.

The process of creating a website using Zyro is relatively easy. In fact, you won’t even need a manual coding process in the website creation process. This platform even provides hundreds of templates with modern and contemporary designs that you can choose from.

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In the process of integrating with artificial intelligence technology, Zyro has embedded several AI tools on its platform. Some of the embedded tools include:

• Business name generator that will help you find the right name for your business according to the keywords you input.

• Logo creation based on information provided by users.

• AI Writer which can assist users in producing SEO friendly written content.

• AI website generator which can be used to create a website display template according to the description and information that has been input by the user.

The many tools used will certainly make Zyro a complete platform for creating websites and digital content.


Durable to make Website based on AI

AI for creating websites that can be chosen next is Durable. This platform called Durable is predicted to be able to build a website in just 30 seconds.

This of course makes Durable the fastest website creation tool in the world. So if you want to build a website in a short time then Durable can be a very suitable choice to consider.

Like AI tools in general, you don’t need to have coding skills to be able to use this one platform. To create a website using Durable, you only need to answer the questions asked by the robot clearly and in detail.

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After getting the appropriate data information, Durable will turn the answer into a website according to what the user wants. As a complement, Durable also provides a number of additional features such as basic templates, contact forms, and even social media icons.

It doesn’t just stop there, all parts of the website design that have been successfully created can still be customized by users. So that users can get a website that really suits them.

Unfortunately there is no free version to be able to use the services of this platform. If you are interested in using Durable then you need to pay a subscription fee of around US$ 12 per month for the Starter package. As for the Business package, the service fee per month is US$ 20.

5. 10Web

10Web AI website builder

If you are used to using the WordPress CMS, then 10Web can be an AI for creating websites the most appropriate. Because 10Web is a platform specifically developed to help and manage WordPress-based websites.

The AI tools owned by 10Web are able to help its users create WordPress-based websites quickly. The process of creating a website on this platform does not require complicated coding skills.

10Web will make you a website based on the information that has been provided. So you only need to answer questions in detail and clearly according to the design to be made.

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After that, AI from 10Web will generate a website based on the information that has already been input. When using 10Web, later this tool will ask the user to choose one of the 3 available templates.

Then these tools will fill the layout with images and text according to the information that has been provided. If you already have a website and want to re-design it, then simply enter your site’s URL and 10Web will redesign the site that you have.

Apart from the AI website builder, 10Web also has a number of other supporting features such as a business name generator, logo generator, content writing, and image optimization. You can just choose to use the most appropriate tools and according to your needs.

Actually, the 10Web platform is not suitable for beginners. Because this platform requires basic knowledge of WordPress in order to produce a better and optimal website.

Those of you who are interested in using 10Web need to pay a subscription fee because this site does not provide a free version. To be able to use AI services from 10Web, you can choose one of the three available package options.

For the AI Starter package service, the price starts at $ 20 per month. As for the AI Premium package, the subscription fee per month is $ 30. If you want to use the most complete package, namely AI Ultimate, the monthly fee you have to pay is $45. If you subscribe directly annually, you will usually get a pretty attractive discount.

6. AI to create websites: Appypie

AI for creating websites: Appypie

The recommendation for AI for creating websites that can be chosen next is Appypie. This platform also offers users the convenience of creating websites without having to have coding skills.

Appypie is a website and application creation platform that has integrated AI into their website creation system. In general, AI technology on Appypie is slightly different when compared to other platforms.

To create a website on Appypie, you don’t need to answer questions given by the AI engine on the platform. You only need to write a description or information about the website that will be created.

Not only using written descriptions, you can also talk directly to Appypie’s AI to explain the description of the website that will be made. This of course will make the website creation process easier and also practical.

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After the website is finished, you can still customize it according to your individual needs and tastes. So you can really create a website according to your wishes.

Not only can it be used to create websites. Appypie can also be used to create Android or iOS based applications. Of course this is a distinct advantage that makes this platform increasingly at the forefront of the use of artificial intelligence.

Appypie is not a platform that can be used for free. Even though you can use the free trial version, you will still be charged if you want to use the platform further.

The Appypie platform is available in several subscription package options. For the most basic option is the Basic Package which has a price of $ 16 per application per month. Meanwhile, the Gold package has a service price of $ 36 and the Platinum package costs $ 60 per application per month.


Along with the development of technology, currently there is a lot of use of artificial intelligence in a number of sectors. The use of artificial intelligence is not only limited to the digital world but has also penetrated into various other fields.

One application that is currently being used quite often is for the creation of content and digital assets. One of them is website creation. The presence of platforms such as Durable, Appypie, 10Web and so on has made the website creation process more practical, fast and easy.

That’s a complete discussion of examples of AI for creating websites that you need to know about. With the presence of artificial intelligence technology, will these platforms threaten the existence of the website builder or website designer profession?

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