AI Tools to Make Presentations, 6 Best Recommendations!

Making a presentation can be quite a long and tedious activity. This job requires you to use your creativity to produce optimal presentations. Fortunately, now AI tools to make presentations have appeared that can be used widely.

Artificial Intelligence can be the best solution that will help you manage and create presentation files. The use of artificial intelligence-based tools will make the presentation process faster and more optimal.

The relatively easy process of using AI technology will also be an added value for the technology platform. You can even create an entire presentation file from scratch using only the text you provide.

If you want to make presentations more effectively and efficiently then using AI can be one to consider. Here are some recommendations for choosing AI tools to make presentations:

1. AI Tools to make Presentation: Tome

AI Tools to Make Presentations: Tome

One of the best recommendations from AI tools to make presentations is Tome. This platform is a comprehensive presentation tool and is also equipped with many important features in it.

Some of the important special features that you can get from this platform include special themes, fonts, and even certain logos. The existence of these important features will certainly make the process of creating presentation files faster and more efficient.

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Tome does have a lot of features that can be used to create a presentation from scratch. But the main advantage of Tome is in the AI features they have. In the display section of the user interface for making presentations, you can access many AI features that will make presentations easier.

In addition, Tome’s AI technology is also equipped with the ability to create illustrative images that match the presentation content. You can also perform several other activities such as creating new slides with content, converting a document to a presentation, or just creating it from scratch.

2. ChatBA

ChatBA to generate presentations files

The recommendation for AI tools to make presentations that can be considered next is ChatBA. You need to know that ChatBA is an online AI presentation creation tool that can be used to create complete and easy presentations.

When using ChatBA, you only need to enter the topic of the content to be created. Then leave the rest to AI which will then create the best presentation content according to your needs.

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ChatBA does have quite limited options. But this platform is good enough to be used to make short presentations. The resulting presentation tends to be shorter with less than 10 slides. In addition, ChatBA is also not equipped with a size adjustment feature.

Even though it has limitations, ChatBA can still be an interesting option to consider. ChatBA even supports file export in various formats. The types of formats that ChatBA supports include PPTX and PDF.


AI Tools to Make Presentations: GPT PPT

The next recommendation for AI tools to make presentations is GPT_PPT. If you are looking for a tool that can generate presentations quickly then GPT_PPT is the best choice. Its simple appearance and easy use make it a distinct advantage for GPT_PPT.

To use GPT_PPT, all you have to do is sign up for an account and then type in the presentation you want to create. Later, GPT_PPT will automatically create a short PowerPoint file that includes the points that have been entered.

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GPT_PPT will be used to create PowerPoint files for presentations. Even though the output generated by GPT_PPT may not always be perfect, you can tweak and edit it yourself in Power Point to get better results.


The recommendation for AI tools to make presentations that can be considered next is This platform is an AI presentation generator that works directly inside Google Slides. So that the process of making presentations will be more practical and easy.

You need to know that is a Google Workspace add-on that users can use right away. The process of making presentation slides using this platform is fairly easy to do.

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There is now a Workspace add-on that allows you to use ChatGPT in Google Sheets and Google Docs. takes advantage of the use of AI technology so that the platform can produce presentation files that suit the needs of users.

5. Presentations. AI

presentationsAi to make presentations

Presentations.AI is an online presentation creation service by utilizing the use of AI technology. Actually, this tool is more focused on the process of making presentations for business files.

As one of the recommendations for AI tools to make presentations, this platform is quite easy to use. The user interface display that is owned is also quite simple with navigation that makes it very easy for users.

To start creating a presentation file, you only need to select the desired presentation template. Then later Presentation.AI technology will complete the process of making a presentation according to the data you provide.

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Presentations.AI has many types of templates to choose from. Then each of these templates can later be adjusted. So that the resulting presentation file will be maximized.

When using the Presentations.AI platform, you can tell AI what your business has to offer. This information will certainly make the resulting presentation file better.

6. AI Tools to Make Presentation: Dectopus AI

Dectopus AI as AI Tools to Make Presentations

The recommendation for AI tools to make presentations that can be used next is Dectopus AI. This platform is a presentation generator using AI which aims to simplify the process of making presentations.

When using this platform, you only need to type in a description of what you want from the presentation. If you’re not sure, Dectopus can often even provide helpful suggestions for making those presentations.

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Apart from that, Dectopus will help you ask a few questions to be able to produce presentations that suit user needs. Some of these basic questions include who the presentation is intended for, the purpose of the presentation, and even the duration of the presentation.

In order to get an appropriate presentation file design, make sure you provide accurate information data for these AI questions. Because the data you provide can affect the model and type of presentation file that will be produced by Decktopus.


Along with the development of Artificial Intelligence technology, many development technologies have emerged. Even now, platforms have emerged that can be used to make presentations for business or academic needs.

The emergence of an AI-based platform can certainly increase the effectiveness and productivity of users. Therefore, it is only natural that many users are starting to be interested in utilizing AI to complete their work.

Those are some recommendations for AI tools to make presentations that can be considered. Now with some of these recommendations, I hope you don’t need to be confused anymore if you want to find the right platform to make presentation slides.

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