7 Best AI Platforms for Graphic Design

Advances in Artificial Intelligence technology have opened up many new opportunities and challenges in various fields. One of them is in the world of graphic design. Currently, the best AI platforms for graphic design have emerged that can make work easier.

In the field of graphic design, the presence of AI technology has proven to be very useful for designers to speed up their work. Apart from that, the presence of AI can also improve the quality of the graphic designs they are working on.

In recent years, there have been several AI platforms developed to help graphic designers create more efficient and effective works. This of course can have a positive impact on designers to produce work that is more optimal.

7 Best AI Platforms for Graphic Design

Graphic design is a field that continues to experience development from time to time. This one field does require high creativity in order to produce optimal work according to needs.

Now the process of making graphic designs can not only be done manually. However, you can also take advantage of a number of AI-based tools to create graphic designs. As a recommendation, here are some of the best AI platforms for graphic design that you can try.

1. Best AI Platforms for Graphic Design: Galileo AI

best AI platforms for graphic design: Galileo AI

The first recommendation to consider is Galileo AI. The best AI platforms for graphic design was developed by three AI scientists named Vikram Chatterji, Atindriyo Sanyal, and Yash Sheth. The three of them are former AI development leaders at Google, Apple, and Uber AI companies.

Galileo AI is a platform that focuses on User Interface (UI) design ideas. The Galileo AI work process is actually fairly easy. The platform will make graphic designs based on information or data provided by users.

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Galileo AI uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technology to be able to produce the right UI design according to user instructions. Galileo AI can generate different UI designs, so graphic designers can choose the most suitable design for their projects.

One of the advantages possessed by Galileo AI is its ability to predict the most effective use of color for UI design. In addition, this platform can also help graphic designers to create a more user-friendly UI for users.

2. Dall-E 2

Dall-E 2 for graphic design

The best AI platforms for graphic design that you can choose next is Dall-E 2. You need to know that Dall-E 2 is an AI platform developed by a leading AI company called Open AI.

This platform was launched back in 2021. Even though it is still relatively new, Dall-E 2 has managed to win the sympathy of users. So that makes this application one that is quite popular for graphic designers.

Dall-E 2 has several advantages that make this platform highly recommended. One of them is being able to produce high quality images only from information in the form of words or sentence descriptions inputted by the user.

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Another advantage possessed by Dall-E 2 is that it is able to produce images that are unique and different from images on the Internet. This of course can provide benefits for designers so they can produce works that are original and different from others.

The Dall-E 2 can also be used to generate images in a variety of different formats. Starting from vector, raster, and even up to 3D-based images. The many supported image formats will certainly make it easier for designers to produce work according to client needs.

3. Cleanup Pictures

Cleanup Pictures AI to make design

The next best AI platforms for graphic design is Cleanup Pictures. This AI platform is specifically designed to assist graphic designers in editing, improving images, and also removing image backgrounds.

Cleanup Pictures is capable of removing image backgrounds automatically by utilizing deep learning technology. This allows users to take objects from an image and place them on different backgrounds more easily.

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In addition, Cleanup Pictures is also equipped with several other features that can be used to maximize the process of working on graphic designs. Some of the features that you can find include improving image quality, removing noise from images, and even adding special effects to images.

These various features will certainly be very useful for graphic designers. Because they can make the image editing process easier, faster, and more efficient. So that the results obtained will be even more optimal.

4. Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer using machine learning

Microsoft Designer is the best AI platforms for graphic design that you can try. From the name, of course you can already guess that this platform is a product developed by software giant Microsoft.

Just like other AI platforms, Microsoft Designer is also equipped with the main feature of text-to-art. This feature allows Microsoft Designer to be able to produce works or images with only sentences or descriptions inputted by users.

In its development, Microsoft Designer utilizes Machine Learning-based technology and Neural Networks to produce graphic design works. The combination of Machine Learning and Neural Networks is expected to provide more optimal and accurate results according to user wishes.

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Microsoft Designer is equipped with features that can assist designers in speeding up their design development process. Some of these features include creating automatic layouts, placing design elements more easily, and also choosing the right color combinations for their designs.

Another advantage that Microsoft Designer also has is its ability to produce responsive designs. This means that the design will be able to adjust to a different appearance according to what the user is using. This of course will make it easier for designers to create web designs or applications.

5. Illustroke

Illustroke as best AI platforms for graphic design

The best AI platforms for graphic design that you also need to know about next is Illustroke. This platform focuses on making illustrations that allow users to create illustrations in a more practical, fast and easy way.

Illustroke includes a platform that is quite easy to use. Even users who don’t have a graphic design background can use this platform well.

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Almost the same as other AI-based platforms, Illustroke uses Machine Learning technology to generate images that match the keywords or descriptions that have been input by users.

Illustroke provides thousands of images and graphic elements that can be used for your graphic design needs. Another advantage that Illustroke has is its ability to create illustrations in different styles. You can get creative using sketch, cartoon, or realistic illustrations using this best AI platforms for graphic design.

6. SlidesAI

SlidesAi to make better presentation

SlidesAI is the best AI platforms for graphic design focused on creating presentations. This platform can be used by designers to create more attractive, fast, and effective presentations.

The SlidesAI platform uses Machine Learning technology to generate presentation slides according to the content entered by the user. SlidesAi can identify important elements in content. For example, pictures, tables, or graphs and then insert them into the presentation slides that are made.

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Another advantage that SlidesAI also has is being able to produce presentation slides with an attractive and professional appearance. Apart from that, SlidesAi can also assist users in choosing the right colors and fonts for their presentations.

In addition, SlidesAi is also equipped with several important features to maximize the process of using the platform. These features, for example, are improving presentation slide layouts, adding animations, and also making graphics quickly and easily with this best AI platforms for graphic design.

7. Best AI Platforms for Graphic Design: Looka

best AI platforms for graphic design: Looka

Looka is the best AI platform for graphic design that you should also try. This platform focuses on helping users create logos, business cards and other designs more easily.

Like most other AI platforms, Looka also utilizes the use of Machine Learning-based technology. This technology will enable Looka to recommend designs according to user preferences and needs.

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Looka provides thousands of design templates that can be easily customized. Apart from templates, other items are also available such as font choices, icons, colors, and layouts. Apart from that, Looka also allows users to upload their own images to incorporate into designs.

After the process of making the graphic design is complete, you can download the file in various formats. Supported formats include PNG, JPG, SVG, or PDF as well. Using help from this best AI platforms for graphic design, you can create better designs for your clients.


Artificial Intelligence Technology continues to experience significant developments from time to time. In addition, the use of AI has become increasingly widespread so that more opportunities and conveniences can be obtained.

In the field of graphic design, AI-based platforms are increasingly emerging. The emergence of best AI platforms for graphic design such as Microsoft Designer, Dall-E 2, Illustroke, and so on has made the process of working on graphic designs faster and easier.

That’s a discussion about the best AI platforms for graphic design that you need to know about. Although many are still unsure about AI technology, many also believe that AI can become a tool that can facilitate human affairs in various fields in the future.

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