17 Best Free Web Proxies 2022, Safe and Advanced

Free web proxies can be a solution for those of you who want to browse safely. Although it is a free service, almost every web proxy is equipped with various advanced features to ensure the security of data transfer while on the internet.

Please note that the internet is a network that is prone to cybercrime threats and data theft. Therefore, it is important to always ensure that connections made via the protocol remain in a secure and confidential state.

One way that can be used to secure connections on the internet is to use a web proxy. The use of a web proxy can be one step that can be used to secure data connections on the internet.

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17 Best Free Web Proxies List 2022

17 Best Free Web Proxies 2022

Proxy is a system that can help you to open a web network on the internet without detecting the IP you are using. When using a proxy, the IP conveyed to the device network will be different from your actual IP.

For information, here are some lists of the best free 2022 web proxies that you can use to secure your internet network.

1. Free Web Proxies: 4EverProxy

4everproxy free

4EverProxy is a free web proxies that provides an interesting feature, namely double proxy. This feature allows you to select server locations and IP addresses from two different countries. So, the data will be transacted through the 2 proxy servers that you choose first.

For the choice of web proxy servers, there are 11 countries to choose from, namely Singapore, Australia, Luxembourg, Poland, Germany, France, England, Canada, and 3 servers in America. As for the IP address, you can choose from 19 different countries.

Although it offers a number of advantages, this proxy also has drawbacks. One of the drawbacks of this proxy is that 4everProxy can only be used for 2 hours in 1 session. So you can not use the web proxy continuously.

2. Anonymous

Anonymouse is not a web proxy that has just emerged in the ranks of the internet world. This Web Proxy has been on the internet since 1997. Like free web proxies in general, Anonymouse will hide your IP address safely.

The special thing about Anonymouse is an anonymous email service with different features, or can be called AnonEmail. Unfortunately, you cannot choose a server to access the web of your choice with this proxy.

Web Proxy Anonymouse offers two different versions, namely a free version and a premium version. For SSL and VPN encryption, this proxy can only be accessed by premium users. As for the free version, there are limitations to the features provided.

3. Hotspot Shield

hot spot shield web proxy

If you are looking for a recommended line of free web proxies with optimal performance, Hotspot Shield can be one of the options. This proxy is equipped with the Catapult Hydra encryption protocol, which is known to be the best in its class, and is even used by antivirus programs such as McAfee.

Hotspot Shield can be accessed by downloading the application first and then installing the extension. Once installed, you can use it directly without the need to register first.

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The server provided is only 1 and is located in the United States. For the free version, you can access a web proxy with a limit of 500MB per day or 15GB per month. If you want to get more complete features then you have to use the paid version.

4. ProxFree

The recommended line of free web proxies that can be considered next is ProxFree. This proxy has several advantages that make it an option to consider.

ProxFree allows users to choose to block cookies, ad scripts, and remove page titles and objects to name a few. By eliminating page titles and objects, you can access the web more quickly.

For servers, ProxFree provides 11 servers with 7 servers located in the United States and 4 servers in European countries. This allows you to have access to a fairly wide range.

5. Cyberghost

The next web proxy option that can also be used for free is Cyberghost. This proxy provides a service to hide your IP address from the website to be addressed as a form of free web proxy.

You can use this service by downloading it as part of a Chrome or Firefox extension. Through this extension, you can use a web proxy service for free and also more easily with various features and advantages.

You can access a free web proxy with 8 different server options through Cyberghost. This proxy is proven safe for VPN and you also don’t need to register when using it. Also, the proxy won’t keep any logs of the data you’ve recently accessed. So, your data will not be misused.

6. FilterByPass

If you want to access content in the form of social media and multimedia then FilterByPass is the right proxy. With 2 choices of country servers, namely US and UK, you can still enjoy access to various websites that are blocked by other countries.

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You can enjoy this web proxy service by downloading the extension on Firefox or Chrome. By using FilterBypass, you can enjoy the adaptive live streaming feature that helps you adjust the quality of the video you are watching with the quality of the available network.

7. Hide.me

The next recommended choice of the best free web proxy to consider is Hide.me. Please note that Hide.me is known as a free web proxy that provides excellent security protection because it includes various types of encryption, such as OpenVPN, IKEv2, SoftEther, SOCKS, and many more.

The number of Hide.me proxy users is quite large and has even reached more than 20 million users worldwide. As one of the best proxies, Hide.me offers many interesting features and services that you can use.

Some of these features include, this website can ensure that the URL you just accessed expires after the session ends. In addition, you can also disable cookies, scripts, and objects on the website that you are currently accessing.

Although it offers a number of service advantages, this proxy also cannot be separated from its shortcomings. One of the drawbacks of this web proxy is that it cannot be used to access YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest. So for those of you who want to access these 3 sites with a proxy, you can use another proxy service.

8. Hidestar

Even though he is a newcomer to the world of web proxies, Hidestar is already quite popular among users. One of the reasons is related to the quality and stability of the performance offered by the web proxy.

Although it can be accessed for free, this proxy also provides premium services which of course will be very beneficial for its users. Through premium services, it will allow users to get more complete and optimal features.

The way Hidester works is actually almost the same as Kproxy because it provides a search tool-based service. You just type the web address you want to browse in the search field and you can safely access it right away.

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As one of the best free web proxies, Hidestar offers several service advantages to its users. First, this proxy will automatically remove ads and also block cookies, so you can be more comfortable in browsing the internet.

Second, there is a password generator feature that allows you to create more secure passwords. Third, this free web proxy will not save any data so you don’t have to worry about the security of browsing history data on the internet.

Although it offers a number of advantages, Hidestar also has some disadvantages in use. One of the most striking is that Hidester only has 2 server choices, namely from the United States and Europe.

9. Free Web Proxy: Kproxy

free web proxies : Kproxy

Kproxy is one of the relatively old proxy service providers in the internet world. Kproxy has started to appear since 2005 and continues to be a favorite of internet users to access free web proxies.

Like web proxies in general, Kproxy has a display where you can directly write the web address you want to visit in the search field. Kproxy also has a service in the form of Kproxy pro which will make users more comfortable surfing the internet with a proxy.

Unlike Cyberghost, Kproxy will store data on the IP address you use to access the internet. but other than IP, Kproxy will not store any other data. The good news, Kproxy has 10 different types of server choices based in Canada and France.

10. Megaproxy

Megaproxy can be the next choice for those of you who are looking for the best free web proxy 2022. In its use, Megaproxy can be said to be difficult to detect by many popular websites, so it is safe to use.

If on some other free web proxies you can’t access Google services and social media, then you can access them using Megaproxy. In fact, when you subscribe to the paid version, you will get more sophisticated security.

Another thing that is highlighted by Megaproxy is that this web proxy not only hides your IP address, but also hides the type of browser and operating system you are using.

Unfortunately, for the free version of this proxy you can only access 60 web pages in a span of 5 hours. However, Megaproxy is still one of the best free web proxies, the Sky Automation version, which is worth considering.

11. ProxySite

ProxySite can be the next choice if you are looking for a free web proxy with a pretty slick appearance. ProxySite has the advantage of having a catchy interface with shortcuts to popular websites that are frequently visited, such as Youtube, Google, Facebook, and Twitter on the proxy front page.

The main advantage of this proxy is the number of servers that are far more than the free web proxies that have been previously presented. The number reaches 37 server choices spread across the United States and European countries.

The downside of ProxySite is that your data will be stored for 14 days since you last accessed it. Therefore, if you should think deeply before deciding to use this one proxy. Especially if you don’t want your data privacy to be open or accessible to others.

12. VPNBook

VPNBook web proxy

Nowadays, the use of VPNs is increasingly widespread among internet users. One of the free web proxies that provide services for VPN is VPNBook. Although VPNBook can be accessed for free, of course there are limitations.

VPNBook’s free web proxy offers users several advantages. First, this proxy is equipped with 256-bit SSL encryption which is usually only found in Premium VPN services. Second, this proxy has unlimited bandwidth speed which makes it the best in its class.

Unfortunately, VPNBook will store your data for about 7 days before it will be automatically deleted. This is only used as a form of preparation if there is something illegal to make it easier to report.

13. Free Web Proxy: Whoer

Whoer is a free web proxy that requires users to download a plugin first. However, this web proxy is different from other friends because it comes with a standalone that can allow you to access several popular sites. In addition, Whoer can be used on multiple devices at once.

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Unfortunately, the free service can only provide speeds of about 1mb/s and only one server can be used. So you have to subscribe to premium to get better speed and a variety of other server options.

14. Privoxy

Privoxy protects its users while accessing various internet sites with non-coaching features. This free web proxy also uses TOR-based technology to protect information from its users.

Unfortunately, to use Privoxy you have to go through a slightly complicated process. In addition to having to install the software first, you also have to configure the browser according to what is written on the official website.

15. HMA

HMA (HidemyAss) is a recommended choice of free web proxies to choose from. This web proxy is equipped with URL encryption, ad script removal, and blocking cookies from websites you visit. You can choose to activate or not from these VPN-based features.

In its use, you can choose to use a random server or choose the server you want to use among more than 1,000+ servers from 6 available country servers. HideMyAss servers are from Germany, Netherlands, UK, Czech and 2 servers from USA.

16. Weboproxy

Weboproxy is a free web proxy that is quite unique because it is equipped with The Onion Router or TOR which is a software that can keep secret about network traffic while browsing to remain anonymous.

You can choose to activate TOR or not. By choosing to use TOR, there will be various protections for the IP address used, but if you use a regular web proxy it will only pass through 1 proxy server.

17. CroxyProxy

CroxyProxy Free web proxies

Another web proxy that can be accessed for free and based on a search tool is CroxyProxy. This proxy will store your data for 30 days and recorded in the log. So, for those who do not want their data stored, it is recommended not to use this proxy.

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Although it can be accessed for free, CroxyProxy also has a choice of Premium packages. By signing up for a premium plan, you don’t need to see ads while surfing the internet and there are also some additional features that can be accessed.


A proxy is a system that can help you to open a web network on the internet without being detected by your IP. Web proxies are generally used as protection when users want to access the internet more securely and privately.

In general, there are many best web proxies that can be used for free or paid. Each web proxy certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages. So you need to be careful and wise in choosing the type of web proxy to be used.

That’s the discussion about the recommendations for the best free web proxies that can be considered. Now with some of these reviews, you can more easily choose the best and quality proxy type to secure your internet connection.

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