What is a Proxy Server: Definition, Types, and Benefits

Do you know what is a proxy server? Especially for those of you who are already familiar with computer devices and networks. Because the proxy server is one of the important components in computer network construction.

Proxy is sometimes referred to as a bridge that will connect the user with the server being visited. So the proxy has a very important role to ensure users can connect to the server optimally.

In this article, we will review the introduction of what a proxy server is. Starting from the definition, types, and also the benefits of using a proxy server on the network.

What is a Proxy Server?

Proxy Server is an intermediary program or server that is useful for separating users from the websites they visit. Therefore, a proxy server is sometimes also referred to as a bridge between computer devices and the internet network.

Proxies can provide access to the provision of functionality, security, and privacy at a more optimal level. So that users can access the internet more securely without worrying about personal data leaks.

When you use a proxy server, internet traffic will first go through the proxy before continuing its journey to the destination internet address. Then, the request will also return through the proxy before being forwarded the data to the user.

Therefore, proxies can also have a role as a deterrent and deterrent against cyber attacks on the network. So that the security of the device and the topology of the computer network will be more optimal.

When a computer device is connected to the internet, the computer will use an IP address. Basically, a proxy is a computer on the internet that has its own IP. All requests on the internet will go to the proxy first for evaluation before being forwarded back to the internet.

In simple terms, a proxy server will fill the role of a program authorized to take action on your behalf online. So that the security and privacy of the data you have will be more secure.

In general, various applications on the computer can be configured for proxy applications. For example, a browser can use an HTTP proxy to send traffic from the web.

That is the definition what is a proxy server. Using those definition, you may understand the definition of proxy server on the devices network.

How Proxies Work

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As is well known that each device generally has a unique IP Address. Meanwhile, a proxy server can be understood as a computer on the internet that has its own IP address. After read the definition above, you may have known about what is a proxy server. But, do you know how does it works properly?

When sending a web request, it goes to a proxy server to make your web request on your behalf. Then, the proxy will collect responses from the web server and later the web page data will be forwarded to you.

When a proxy forwards a web request, it changes the data you send and still gives you the desired information. Proxies can change IP addresses, so the web server doesn’t know your exact location.

Without a proxy, the computer will interact directly with the web server. All websites that interact with computers can view computer data and communicate with them directly. This will result in your IP address being visible to the public.

In short, a proxy server can hide the identity of a person’s or company’s IP address. So that important data from users will not be seen by the public and privacy becomes more secure.

Proxy Server Functions

In general, a proxy server has three main functions, namely:

Connection Sharing

The first function owned by the Proxy Server is as connection sharing. The proxy server functions as a gateway that becomes the boundary between the local network and the outside network. The gateway also acts as a point in a number of connections from local users, which will also connect to it and external network connections also connect to it.

Therefore, the connection from the local network to the internet will use the connection owned by the gateway together (connection sharing). Then after you know what is a proxy server, then you can use to make connection more better and easier.


Proxy Server can also function as Filtering. The proxy server will act as a packet filtering firewall that is used to protect the local network against interference or attacks from outside networks.

Therefore, the proxy server can be configured to deny certain sites at certain times. So that proxies can be used to block or allow devices to access certain sites as desired.


The proxy server also acts as a medium for caching. Each proxy server has a mechanism for storing objects that have been requested from servers on the internet. For this caching mechanism, it will store objects that are requests from users obtained from the internet.

So that when the user accesses the data again, it can be displayed more quickly. Because the caching will make the device able to store data that has been requested previously.

Proxy Server Types

When you already know what is a proxy server, then you need to know what kind of proxy servers. In general, proxy servers have different types. Each type of course has a different use according to its function. For information, here are some types of proxy servers that are commonly found in network topology systems.

Transparent Proxy

The first type of proxy server is a transparent proxy type. When using this type of proxy, the web server will accept your real IP address.

The web server can also tell you that you are connecting through a proxy. In other words, there is no additional privacy or security words on this one proxy.

This is the reason why the use of transparent proxies is much loved for content filtering or caching purposes. For example, proxies on corporate networks or school networks, most of which use this one transparent proxy.

Transparent proxies are not appropriate when used as a means to increase data transfer security. Because, the IP address that you have will be able to be seen directly in cyberspace so that it can be used by irresponsible people.

Anonymous Proxy Server

Unlike transparent proxies, anonymous proxies do not forward your IP address to the websites or services you use. Websites will receive a pseudonym IP address if you use an anonymous proxy. That is why anonymous proxies are referred to as distorting proxies.

In essence, if you use this proxy, the user’s real IP address will not be known to cyberspace because it is replaced by a pseudonym IP.

Since the anonymous proxy hides the ip address, it’s not a bad choice if you’re having some privacy issues. However, the protection provided by these proxies will likely not be as strong as a VPN. Because proxy and VPN are different things, you should understand what is a proxy server better.

High Anonymous Proxy

This type of proxy is also known as proxy-free or elite proxy. This is because this type of proxy does not provide an IP address for each user.

When a user accesses the site, the IP address of the user is not read by the site or the internet, only read as a client. Indirectly, this type of proxy is very secret the user’s IP address.

High anonymous proxies can achieve the added protection of periodically changing IP addresses. This proxy is the safest type of proxy because it can hide user data and also privacy.

Benefits of Using Proxies

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Knowing what is a proxy server is not enough. You have to understand the benefits of using proxy on the network. The use of a proxy server can provide many benefits to internet and network users. Here are some of the benefits that you will get if you use a proxy on the network.

Maintain Data Privacy

The first benefit that can be obtained from using a proxy is to maintain the privacy of its users’ data. Not everyone wants their personal data to be known when accessing the internet because it is related to privacy and security.

Therefore, the function of a proxy is to maintain the privacy of internet user data, so that the proxy will automatically change the IP address and will not be detected by the sites you visit.

Increase Security When Accessing the Internet

A proxy can act like a firewall which can increase the security between the system and the internet. Without a proxy, hackers will easily have easy access to your IP address that can be used to infiltrate computers or networks.

Perform Internet Access Control

A proxy server can also be used as a medium to control internet access on the device. This means that proxies can also be used as a media to control certain sites so that they cannot be accessed.

By activating a proxy, when a user searches for certain content, the system will automatically reject it and not display the content being sought. So that each user can not arbitrarily access certain sites.

Speed ​​Up Internet Access

The next benefit that can be obtained from using a proxy is that it can speed up internet access. This is because the proxy is able to cache the visited websites.

Cache is a temporary storage medium on the device when you visit a site, so when you want to visit a similar site a second time, the system will quickly redirect to that site. So You know what is a proxy server and the benefit of using it to make access internet much more better.


Security on computer networks is an important thing that should not be ignored. Because computer networks that have a low level of security will tend to be easier to be hacked by irresponsible parties.

One way to increase the security of a network is to use a proxy server. The existence of a proxy server will increase security because your device will not communicate directly with the website server on the internet.

That’s the discussion about what a proxy server is. Now with this article, I hope you can understand more fully about the meaning, functions, types, and benefits of using a proxy server on a network.

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