How to Choose a Server for Your Business Needs

Knowing what a server is a very important part when reviewing computer networks. Servers have an important role to manage and serve client or user requests.

So that the existence of a server in a network will facilitate the process of communication and data exchange between devices. Therefore, the server is the heart of a series of computer networks.

As is well known that there are many types of servers that can be found. Each server has a different function. So that the selection method should not be done arbitrarily.

How to Choose a Server for Business Needs

If you want to get the right and quality server, of course the selection process must be done carefully. The wrong selection process will affect the quality and performance of the server used.

For those of you who are looking for a server for business operational needs, here are some to consider.

1. Server Performance Quality

The first tip that you need to pay attention to when you want to choose a server is the quality of the performance of the server. The quality of server service performance will have a huge impact on the quality of your business.

The more optimal the quality of server performance services offered, the more optimal the support for your company. Companies that have good server performance will be able to handle user requests better.

So that it can reduce the potential for interference or down on the computer network. So that users can access the data they need more conveniently.

If you want to choose a server that is available in the data center, you should pay attention to several things. The components that need to be considered include:

  • Processor speed on the server
  • Technology used
  • Hard disk storage capacity
  • Capacity of RAM owned
  • Network speed

You need to consider some of these components carefully in order to get the right type of server.

2. Hardware Devices Used

When choosing a server for a network topology, you also need to consider the hardware used. Hardware will have a significant influence on the quality and performance of the server you have.

As much as possible you need to choose a server that has high-quality hardware devices. In addition to having optimal performance, quality hardware is generally also more durable and does not get damaged quickly.

So you don’t need to frequently perform maintenance or hardware replacement on the server network. This of course will be able to save more costs for maintaining computer networks owned.

Currently, there are many types of network devices that have optimal quality on the market. You just need to be careful in choosing so that you can get the right type of hardware and it really suits your needs.

3. Adjust to the Company’s Scale

When you want to choose a server, you also need to consider the scale of the company. This scalability relates to the performance of the enterprise network. If the selection of server scalability is not appropriate, it can affect the performance of the company.

If your company has a large enough scale, then choosing a large server with high performance is something to consider. This is because large companies generally have high data transmission rates. So it needs to be supported by high-spec server devices.

If the company being managed is still on a small or medium scale, then you can choose a server with lower specifications. Because usually medium-sized companies do not yet have large traffic and client access needs. So that the use of a server with low specifications is sufficient for its use.

4. Server Price

 The next tip when you want to choose a computer network server is to consider the price. In general, a quality server does have a fairly high price on the market. However, this is in accordance with the performance and performance offered.

When you want to choose a server, you should also consider the price. Choose a server at a price that doesn’t burden the company’s budget. So that operational costs will not be disturbed by the cost of managing the server.

In order to get a server at the right price, you can conduct a survey on several vendors. Then compare the prices and services of each vendor in order to decide what type of server is right for the company. A complex topology network need more price than simple topology.

5. Additional Services Availability

Each vendor generally has its own type of service for their customers. So you need to choose a server provider vendor that provides services according to your needs. The goal is not to spend too much on services that are not needed.

You can choose a vendor that provides additional services such as server security, feature management, ease of access, and so on. The existence of additional services will certainly make the server management process more optimal.

However, the more additional services offered, generally the price will be more expensive. Then you need to be wise in choosing vendors and types of additional services that will be used in managing the server.


Server is an important part in a computer network whose role is to manage and handle user requests. The server will ensure the process of transmitting and exchanging data between users to be faster, safer, and also efficient. Watch on YouTube.

But in order to get the right server you have to be careful in choosing. If you choose a server that is not suitable, it will interfere with the performance and performance of your network system.

Those are some ways to choose a server for business needs. Through this discussion, I hope you won’t be confused anymore if you want to choose a server for business and company development.

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