What is Adware? Cybercime you need to Get Off

Now more types of cybercrime have emerged in the internet world. One of them is Adware which is quite disturbing internet users. So what is adware and why do you need to avoid it?

Adware includes intrusive software that can reduce device performance and work productivity. The appearance of pop-up ads automatically on the device, will make users become distracted from their activities.

Besides being able to interfere with the productivity of user performance, the emergence of Adware can also reduce device performance. Because, Adware is one of the malware that is quite dangerous and as much as possible should be avoided.

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What is Adware?

what is adware

Adware is a software or application designed to distribute online advertisements on your computer or mobile phone, in other words, the software contains a lot of advertisements.

In general, Adware stands for advertising-supported software or a software developed to distribute online advertisements automatically into the user interface of a software or user’s screen.

Adware belongs to the category of malware or malicious software because it has the potential to interfere with and distribute users’ personal data. Later the ad will suddenly appear on the screen of a cellphone or PC that is connected to the internet, even if you are not opening the application.

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The ad indirectly forces you to continue to see it. So that it will interfere with work productivity, besides that, adware also has the potential to take personal data. Adware not only intends to spread advertisements, more than that at this time they also often use it to earn income, namely through the PPC (pay per click) method and display ad impressions.

There are many examples of adware around us. One of the most popular is Adware in the browser which is able to install and replace the user’s default search engine. This leaves the adware-infected device vulnerable to interference.

Types of Adware

type of adware

After knowing what is Adware, you also need to know about the types of malware. If based on the device, adware is divided into two types, namely as below:

1. Personal Computer Adware

Personal computer adware is a type of adware that attacks a computer or laptop. This type of adware usually comes from installing freeware software, shareware or downloading extensions that are free.

When you download the free application, the adware program will also be automatically installed on your computer because it is already one package. That’s why when installing, it’s important to understand each step and what the software contains.

2. Android Adware

The next type of Adware is Android Adware. In short, android adware is what is installed on your android or cellphone. Android adware can enter your cellphone if you often visit illegal and unclear sites.

These sites may install adware unknowingly, so that when you visit them, advertisements appear suddenly. Therefore, if you want to browse the internet, make sure the site already has an SSL certificate to make it more secure.

Adware Negative Impact

adware negative impact

Talking about the impact of Adware, actually the biggest is on the user experience or user experience. The way Adware works which aims to display advertisements in a structured, massive, and illegal manner can make users uncomfortable.

In addition, the type of ad content that appears also makes users less comfortable. Starting from gambling content, adult content and much more. Plus, most of these ads can’t be skipped, so you inevitably have to see them.

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Despite the inconvenience, the most dangerous impact of adware is that it can invade your personal data. Adware can also hamper worker productivity. The reason is, when a computer, laptop, or smartphone is in use, popup ads will appear suddenly.

The popup ad content displayed is also very disruptive, ranging from gambling content, adult banners, to credit card offers and investments that can make users suddenly rich. Even though it looks interesting, you still have to be careful about the ads that are displayed.

Source Causes of Adware on Device

In general, in most cases of Adware victims, the main cause is the user’s own activities. Adware can infiltrate your computer, laptop, or smartphone when you download applications from unknown sources.

Various illegal applications from unknown websites may have been infiltrated by special scripts containing adware, thereby infecting the device. The infected device will make it difficult for users to access device data.

The solution to this problem is to minimize the use of illegal applications from unknown sources. Try to only use official applications on the PlayStore, App Store, or other trusted sources.

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Another source that is no less great is the website you visit while browsing. When browsing sometimes users are not aware that there is a special script that resembles website content so that users who are not careful will access the content.

Some examples of content that is likely to contain Adware are, popups containing notifications to install applications. Thus, you must be careful of various types of advertisements that appear when accessing certain sites or websites.

How to Avoid Adware Attacks

how to avoid adware

After knowing what is Adware and also the source of the cause, you also need to know how to prevent Adware attacks from occurring. In general, here are some ways that can be used to avoid adware that you can do:

1. Installing Antivirus on Device

One important way that can be used to prevent adware attacks from happening is by installing an antivirus on the device. Installing an antivirus is one of the efforts to prevent malware from entering your computer. Make sure to use a legal and paid antivirus so that computer protection can be maximized.

2. Remove Adware

The next way that can be used to overcome the occurrence of Adware attacks is to remove the Adware. If your device already has adware even though you are already using antivirus software, the solution is to remove the adware.

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You can start by removing applications or software that could potentially contain adware. In addition, you can clean adware with special tools such as Malwarebyte Anti-Malware Tool or AdwCleaner. In addition to taking precautions, you also have to know what are the characteristics of an adware-infected device.

3. Don’t Carefully Install Apps

Even though you are already using an antivirus, but if you are still carelessly installing applications, it means the same thing. Antivirus can’t just work, they also need your help to stay careful when using the device, one of which is when they want to install applications.

When you want to install the application, first read the existing guidelines and settings. Avoid free apps that come from obscure sites that contain lots of ads. Also, make sure that the application is downloaded from an official and safe site.


Adware is one type of malware that is increasingly being found in the digital age. This malware attacks devices by displaying advertisements to device users. In certain cases, Adware can even interfere with user comfort and can reduce the performance of the device.

Adware is a software or application designed to distribute online advertisements on your computer or mobile phone, in other words, the software contains a lot of advertisements. That’s a complete discussion of what is adware starting from its definition, types, and also how to prevent it. Now that you’ve read the article, you can have a more complete understanding of the adware that often attacks users’ devices.

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