What is a Backdoor and How to Protect your device from it?

Talking about network security, it can’t be separated from the Backdoor. Backdoor is one of the things that becomes a security problem on a website, application, and system. So what is a backdoor, exactly?

Although now often a threat, but initially Backdoor was developed for a good purpose. Initially, the backdoor was created to deal with problems such as when a crash occurs, but because the backdoor is misused, the consequences are also very dangerous.

When someone manages to install a backdoor on a system, then he will get access to the system easily. In this article, we will review what a Backdoor is, its types, and also how to overcome it so that the computer network remains secure.

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What are Backdoors?

what is a backdoor

At first, Backdoor in a software is an undocumented portal. This portal allows administrators to log in to the system to perform troubleshooting or maintenance.

However, the term Backdoor is more often used in the context of hacking. So Backdoor is indeed thicker with the nuances of hacking and crime on the internet.

In short, Backdoor is a software that allows hackers to get into a system without having to go through the authentication process first. Through this Backdoor, you can easily get into software or servers without being noticed.

The existence of the backdoor is actually not documented, only the system maker can access the backdoor. However, the backdoor is also misused as a security hole by hackers who want to do evil.

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From what was originally software, the backdoor turned into malware that could harm the system. It is not surprising that backdoors can be inserted into the system without being noticed by others.

As a result, hackers can gain access to the entire system (remotely) without being detected, so they can modify your system. Some of the fatal problems if a system has been installed with a backdoor, namely remote surveillance, device hijacking, malware installation, financial data and identity theft.

How Backdoors Work

how does backdoor works

After knowing what is a backdoor, you also need to know how it works. Understanding the general description of how Backdoor works will increase understanding related to network security in a software.

First of all, the installation of a backdoor will take advantage of a system’s security gap to make it easier for the backdoor to enter. Usually, systems that can be hacked by a backdoor are systems that use open networks, nulled (pirated) applications/plugins, and weak passwords and firewalls.

After successfully installing the backdoor, the hacker can gain remote access to the victim’s system. Then hackers can do anything without the owner knowing, including data theft.

You need to know, usually a system gap that has been the victim of a hack will be repaired (patched), so hackers realize that hacking it back is not easy. So they install a code called this backdoor so that it can be a way for them to get back into the system, even after the system is repaired.

Not only that, they can also access the system remotely. Malware that is installed specifically for this is usually called a remote access Trojan (RAT) and can be used to install other malware onto a system or data.

Backdoor Functions in Software

what is backdoor and its functions

After reading about what is a backdoor, you also need to know about the functions of a Backdoor. For information, here are some Backdoor functions that you need to know.

Entering the System Without Authentication

One of the main functions of Backdoor is to enter into the system without having to go through the authentication process. This is used by programmers to enter into the system being developed.

For example, when the system still has problems or bugs, such as suddenly stopping or certain functions cannot be executed. Then the programmer will take advantage of the backdoor to fix it.

Gaining Access to the Website

Backdoor can also function to gain access to a website. You need to know, currently backdoors are widely spread in various applications and features used by websites. For example through themes, plugins, wp-config, upload folders, and so on.

Therefore, you need to be careful when managing a website. The reason is, after being entered by a backdoor, hackers can do anything to your website.

Taking Access to Servers and Computers

Another backdoor function that is often used for crimes is to take access to the victim’s server/computer. Mostly, a backdoor with this function is inserted into the device through an application installed by the victim himself.

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Of course, these applications are not known as backdoors because they are named after normal applications. If hackers have managed to place a backdoor into the victim’s server, they can access all the files on the device. As a result, there is a lot of theft and misuse of personal data.

2 Types of Backdoors You Need to Know

Backdoor and its dangerous

Based on the type, Backdoor can be divided into two categories. Here are the types of Backdoor that you need to know.

Web Shell Backdoor

The first type of Backdoor to know is the Web Shell Backdoor. Basically Web Shell Backdoor are malicious programs and scripts specially designed to perform certain types of crimes on websites.

Using a backdoor web shell, hackers can access website systems remotely. So that the process of retrieving data on a website can be done without much being known by others.

System Backdoor

The next type of Backdoor you need to know is the System Backdoor. This type also includes the most common backdoor compared to other types of backdoors. Even System Backdoor also includes a backdoor whose use is relatively flexible.

System backdoor is a type of backdoor that can open access to the entire system and give hackers the freedom to modify the system. This allows hackers to make changes to the software.

Why Are Backdoors Dangerous?

Backdoor is a term that is widely discussed because of the dangers it poses. For information, here are some things that make Backdoor a dangerous thing for a software system.

DDoS Attack Occurrence

One of the most serious threats from Backdoor is the occurrence of DDoS attacks. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is an attack that occurs when a hacker makes a server send multiple requests to a single destination.

This attack makes a machine or network unable to work properly because the amount of traffic is too high. Denial of service becomes distributed when there are several machines in the world participating in the attack at the same time.

Malware Spread

Another potential danger that Backdoor also has is the potential for malware to spread. When hackers have installed a backdoor on a web server, a hacker can distribute malware to website visitors.

The malware that is commonly distributed is ransomware or adware which hackers can take advantage of. If your website is hit by this attack, your website will be blocked directly by browsers such as Chrome and Opera.

Data Theft Occurs

Backdoor can also be a tool for data theft. Backdoor will be a way for hackers to access the web server from time to time to steal important information from the server, such as customer data and so on.

Therefore, Backdoor is a very dangerous tool because it can have a negative impact on many parties. Therefore, it is important for you to know ways to prevent Backdoor intrusion on your software system.

How to Avoid Backdoor Attacks

how to prevent computer from backdoor

Knowing what a backdoor is will not be complete if you don’t understand how to prevent it. As additional information, here are some steps that can be used to avoid Backdoor on your device.

Using the Best Antivirus

One way that can be used to reduce the risk of a Backdoor threat is to use an Antivirus on the computer. A quality antivirus can help you detect and avoid a number of malware such as trojans, rootkits, and spyware that cybercriminals usually use to launch backdoor attacks.

The antivirus in question is one that is capable of monitoring WiFi networks, web protection, and privacy protection through webcam or microphone monitoring while online. So that the backdoor can be detected long before it infects your system.

Be Careful When Downloading Files

Sometimes Backdoor can be inserted in a file or application. Therefore, you should be careful and careful when downloading files or applications from the internet.

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When downloading a file from a website, you must ensure that the website from which you download the file is a trusted website.

In addition, avoid downloading and installing pirated applications because the pirated application is likely to be a place for malware (backdoor) that has been inserted.

Installing Firewall

The next way that can be used to avoid Backdoor attacks is to install a Firewall. Most antiviruses usually come with a firewall that can help protect against backdoor attacks.

The firewall functions to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic on your network and will filter out all threats. When an application tries to transmit your sensitive data on an unknown network, the firewall will block it directly.

Using MFA

The next tip that can be used to avoid Backdoor threats is to use MFA. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an authentication mechanism through three types of verification (a combination of single & two factor authentication).

When implementing MFA, only truly authorized users can access the system because it has successfully passed the authentication process.

Using Password Manager

Password Manager can also be used as a means to avoid Backdoor threats. Password manager helps you to create and save all your login information, so you can login automatically.

The saved login information will be secured again using the master password. When logging into an account/system, you only need to enter the master password so that the login information is filled in automatically.

You don’t have to worry about the password manager, because this application will notify you if your login information is trying to be stolen by someone else. So that the use of passwords and login authentication becomes more secure.


Backdoor is a type of malware that is very dangerous to the system because it can work undetected. So that the process of data theft or other activities will be difficult to detect.

Although it is difficult to detect the entry of bakcdoor in a system, but you can take preventive measures to avoid backdoor attacks. Starting from the use of antivirus, installing a firewall, to the use of multi-factor authentication.

That’s a complete article about what is a Backdoor, starting from its definition, types, to how to solve it. After reading this article, hopefully you have been able to stay away from the risk of being hit by a backdoor attack and can also increase the reader’s insight about backdoors.

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