What is Bing AI: Microsoft’s Advanced Chatbot

Artificial Intelligence technology continues to experience very significant developments. Currently, many companies are trying to develop AI-based platforms for various purposes. One of them is Bing AI. So what exactly is the definition of what is Bing AI?

In February 2023, Microsoft officially created Bing AI. Bing is one of Microsoft’s products that is supported by AI. The presence of AI technology in Bing has made many people call it a competitor to ChatGPT.

The increasing popularity and use of AI technology means that Microsoft does not want to be left behind in enlivening market competition. So they continue to strive to perfect the AI technology they develop.

What is Bing AI?

what is Bing AI and its usage in digital technology

Bing is one of the superior products produced by Microsoft. This product was created by incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology into it. The purpose of creating Bing is to find out the 1000 characters created by users.

In general, Bing has a simple, minimalist appearance and can be accessed easily. This relatively simple user interface makes Bing a quality product that has a high level of ease of use.

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This chatbot from Microsoft will help you to better search for answers from users. This is because Bing already has AI which allows users to get more searches than using the search engine itself.

This Bing AI chatbot makes it easier for users to find answers to their questions more accurately and completely. This system also allows you to get new chat experiences and produce good content.

Bing AI advantages

Bing AI advantages you have to know

After knowing the explanation about what is Bing AI, you also need to know the advantages of this device. The goal is to get more complete and detailed information about Bing AI.

From this chatbot system created by Microsoft, you can find various advantages in it. So it is highly recommended to use it more optimally to meet users’ needs in finding the answers they are looking for.

For your information, here are some of the advantages that Bing AI has.

1. Get More Search Results

One very important function of Bing AI is to find more search results. Bing is even said to be a search engine that has increased performance because it can provide more results.

Apart from providing lots of results for its users, this tool also provides relevant searches according to requests. For example, if a user wants to search for something easy and simple, such as sports scores, weather, stock prices, etc. then the results from the Bing AI chatbot will provide complete and comprehensive answers.

2. Provide explanations from around the web

The next advantage that Bing Ai has is related to providing explanations from various websites. Bing AI can provide reviews of all sites so that it can display and summarize the answers users want more easily.

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For example, when you want to find complete instructions on how to make cheap handicrafts using waste materials for users to make so they don’t need to search and scroll through various search results.

3. Features Interactive Chat

The next benefit of Bing AI is that it can be used to obtain more complex searches with more optimal results. For example, if you want to find recommendations for good and newest cellphones or also plan tourist attractions to visit.

Using Bing AI, you can receive new interactive chat features. This chat will provide optimal results. Next, Bing from AI will select searches to find the best recommendations that present complete data.

That way, those of you who use Bing will be able to get complete answers because you can get details, suggestions, ideas, with various links. It becomes easier for users to make decisions and choose what content they want.

4. Bing AI Can Provide Inspiration

When using search engines or AI-based tools, users are usually not just looking for a specific answer. But also look for inspiration or references that can be used to develop ideas.

Bing AI will be able to produce content that will make it easier for users to make decisions. So you can get additional thoughts or ideas from using this device.

5. Already equipped with a chatbot

The next advantage that Bing AI has is the completeness of its features. As is known, the previous version of Bing was equipped with technology such as ChatGPT. This chatbot-based technology will add to the complete features and technology offered by Microsoft.

There are two types of configurations provided in chatbot for Bing. The first configuration is that the chatbot is on the right of the search results. This configuration allows the chatbot on Bing to look like a virtual assistant which will make it easier for users to get information.

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Next, there is a second configuration option, namely the Chatbot display on Bing which resembles the ChatGPT model. This second configuration looks plain and is not available in search results.

This configuration allows users to enter all the questions they want to get the information and answers they need. So in general this feature will be the same as ChatGPT in general.

Weaknesses of Bing AI

weakness of bing AI

After discussing at length what is Bing AI, now you also need to know the weaknesses of Microsoft’s superior technology. Even though it is equipped with a number of advantages, Bing AI is still not free from shortcomings.

For your information, here are some of the weaknesses of Bing AI.

1. Just to find information

The first weakness that Bing AI has is a chatbot which is specifically designed to search for information and inspiration. So, this chatbot cannot be used to play games, such as inviting conversations with the bot.

The Bing chatbot also does not provide advantages such as asking for help on anything that is not related to search engines or common keywords on the internet. That is the weakness of this Chatbot.

2. Unable to Create Creative Text

The next weakness that Bing AI has is related to its ability to produce creative text. Bing AI does not have the ability to process or create creative text or story text.

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So this tool will not be suitable for use if you are a language expert and want to create story material. This is because it does not match the use and function of the Bing AI chatbot currently in circulation.

3. AI chat is less friendly

The next weakness of the Bing AI chatbot is related to the chatbot’s ability to personalize conversations. In general, this Bing chatbot is a chat that doesn’t feel friendly and natural.

This is in line with its function which is focused on finding complete information. Therefore, it is natural that the use of language or sentences in the Bing AI chatbot looks more formal and somewhat stiff.

How to Use Bing AI

what is Bing AI and how to use it

You have read about what is Bing AI in the previous discussion. In this section, we will discuss a little about how to use Bing AI.

1. Create Bing Account

In general, the process and method of using Bing AI is relatively easy and simple. But before you can use this software, you must first create an account on Bing.

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The registration process is quite easy. You just need to download the Microsoft Edge browser and then access the browser to create an account on Bing.

2. How to Use Bing AI

If you already have a Bing account, here are some easy steps to use Bing AI.

• Log in to the Bing.com browser

• Then, you will see at the top a menu for chat. Click the Chat menu.

• Next, the Bing chatbot page will appear.

• The final step, just enter the question you want, then this chatbot will process it and find the best search results.

These are some easy steps you can take to use Bing AI.


Bing AI is an artificial intelligence technology that has recently become increasingly popular. This product developed by Microsoft offers a number of advantages that can be used to increase user productivity.

In short, Bing AI is an AI-based platform developed by Microsoft. The purpose of creating Bing is to find out the 1000 characters created by users. Bing has a minimalist appearance and can be accessed easily.

That’s a complete discussion about what is Bing AI that you need to know. Now with this discussion, you can have a more complete understanding of Bing AI and its advantages.

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