How To Choose A Network Topology For Your Business

How to choose a network topology needs to be done carefully and thoroughly. Because there are many factors to consider when choosing a topology for the company’s business needs. The selection of the right topology will affect the performance and performance of the computer network system owned.

Knowing the network topology that suits the company’s needs is important in order to be able to decide what type of topology to adopt. Generally, each company will have its own requirements and needs related to the topology.

For example, some companies require a network topology with a high data transmission rate. While other companies only require lower data transmission rates. So that the selection of the topology model will affect the level of company effectiveness.

How To Choose the Right Network Topology for Your Business?

Choosing a network topology, of course, needs to consider many factors and aspects. For reference, here are some things to consider when choosing a network topology for the company’s business development.

1. How to choose a network topology: Pay attention to the level of scalability

Every business has the potential to grow and develop. Therefore, you need to consider scalability issues when you want to choose a network topology for your company. So you don’t have to bother in managing and managing data transmission needs along with the growth of the company.

If business voters are able to predict the growth rate of the managed business, it will make it easier to choose a topology. Because the business owner will be able to estimate the resource requirements of the company he owns.

Each topology has its own scalability potential which can differ from one topology model to another. For example, the star topology will make it easier for managers to remove and add nodes from a computer network.

This is because each node in a star topology network has an individual link with a central device. Meanwhile, in other cases such as Ring Topology, adding or removing nodes will be a hassle because a little error can affect the entire network.

2. Consider the Security Level

The next tip that must also be considered when choosing a network computer topology structure is the level of security. Data security is very important in any business activity.

Security and data confidentiality are crucial factors and should not be ignored when choosing a computer network topology. Because, the security and reputation of your business can be a gamble among potential customers.

As much as possible, you need to choose the most secure type of network topology. The goal, of course, is to minimize the occurrence of bad things in the business being managed. For example, data leaks, data breaches, and so on.

Talking about data security, Mesh Topology is one of the favourites. Because this type of topology provides a special connection to each node. Then possibility of data packet loss will be minimal. So that the level of security offered is even better.

3. Cost of Network Topology

The next tip that also needs to be considered when choosing the type of network topology is related to installation costs. Cost is one of the important factors that many business people consider.

This is because every business actor needs a budget for various sectors. So that the selection of network topology must be considered carefully and thoroughly. The goal is that the installation of the topology does not make the company’s budget swell.

In the case of a computer network topology, the complexity of the network will be directly proportional to the cost. The more complex the network topology to be built, the higher the cost. Because it will need a lot of types of network devices to build the network topology.

When choosing a computer network topology, we do not only consider the cost of installing and setting up the network. But also need to consider the cost of network maintenance and upgrades.

There must be a balance between the costs of network installation, network maintenance, network operation, and network performance. So that expenses with the level of network work effectiveness can be achieved an optimal balance for company development.


Choosing the type of topology should not be done arbitrarily. Because the selection is not right, will affect the performance and effectiveness of the company. So that it can hinder efforts to develop and grow a company’s business.

Those are some ways to choose a computer network topology for business that need to be considered. Now with this discussion, you can have a deeper understanding of the network and topology selection process for the company.

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