13 Examples of Computer Hardware and Their Functions

Hardware is a very important part of a computer. A series of computer hardware is a component that must exist so that PC functions can be more optimal. There are actually many examples of computer hardware that users should know about.

Each of these hardware will certainly have a different function. The synergy of each of these devices will be able to make the computer can be used according to the command or purpose.

Computer hardware is all types of components on a computer where the physical parts can be seen with the naked eye and can be felt directly. In that sense, hardware is referred to as physical computer equipment that is useful for processing input, output, and processing.

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13 Examples of Computer Hardware and Their Functions

Examples of Computer Hardware and Their Functions

As it is well known that there are actually many types of hardware on a computer. However, in this article, we will review 13 examples of computer hardware that are often used on various computer networks.

1. Examples of Computer Hardware: Monitor

computer monitor

One of the first examples of computer hardware you need to know about is the Monitor. It can be said that the monitor is a very important hardware component for a computer. Because the monitor has a function to display output or results from CPU commands, and its main function is to present a visual display.

So you can monitor the performance or tasks that are being done on the computer device. Without a monitor layer, you will have difficulty operating computer equipment.

In general, there are many types of monitors available in the market. Starting from tube screens, flat monitors, LED monitors, and so on. You can choose the type of monitor that best suits your needs and usage.

2. Keyboard

An examples of computer hardware that is no less important is the keyboard. This hardware is also a very important tool on a computer. In fact, almost every computer always needs a keyboard to run its functionality.

The keyboard is a board that contains a variety of letter, number, and symbol keys that function to enter data, type, and carry out the input process into a computer. Through this keyboard you can enter various inputs so that they can be executed by the computer.

3. Mouse

mouse as example of computer hardware

Mouse is an examples of computer hardware that is used to move the cursor on a computer screen. This computer hardware is used to execute certain commands, such as opening and closing programs, and even pulling an object.

For laptop users, maybe the role of an external mouse can be replaced with the laptop’s built-in touchpad. Through the touchpad, you can move the cursor on the computer screen freely without having to use a mouse.

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Generally the mouse consists of 3 buttons, left click, right click, and scroll. Using a mouse on a computer will make it easier for users to input or operate a computer.

4. Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The next hardware component on the computer is the Central Processing Unit (CPU). Every computer will certainly have a CPU that serves as a place to process every instruction on the computer.

The CPU works like a brain to interpret and execute commands given by the user who operates the computer. This section is a very important component because the computer will not be able to operate if there is no CPU in it.

Although it acts as the brain for a computer, the CPU cannot work alone. The CPU needs help from other computer devices in order to operate. For example, it requires software to run a type of job or command that has been given.

5. Random Access Memory (RAM)

Random Access Memory for computer

The next examples of computer hardware is Random Access Memory or commonly referred to as RAM. In short, RAM is a temporary storage memory device that the computer uses to store and forward the received data to the processing and output sections.

The data in question is a variety of applications that are running on the computer, including in the background. If the application is closed and not running, the data in memory will be deleted so that the space can be used to run other applications.

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If the main memory is full, then applications must use space in memory alternately, causing device performance to decrease, especially when opening many applications. Therefore, generally you will need a device with large RAM to run large applications.

6. Hard disk

Hard disk is also an important device for a computer. Hard disk is hardware that serves to accommodate various data on a computer permanently. So you can store various types of files and data more securely.

In addition, its function is to run computer operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, Unix, Linux, and the like. So that the computer can work optimally and optimally according to the needs of the users.

Every computer in general is equipped with a built-in hard drive as a storage medium. Each computer may have a different type and capacity of the hard drive according to their respective specifications.

7. Webcam

computer web camera as computer hardware

Webcam or web camera is the next examples of computer hardware. A web camera is a camera that is usually attached to a computer screen. Like a camera in general, a webcam is useful for recording video or photographing an object.

On laptops, this camera is generally installed at the top of the desktop screen. But on a computer, generally not all monitors are equipped with a webcam. So you need an additional external webcam if you want to use the camera features.

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Now, there are many offices that require WFH employees and schools that require students to study online, webcams are increasingly being used to participate in video conferences. So that the webcam becomes one of the hardware devices that must exist on a computer device.

8. Examples of Computer Hardware: Microphone

Microphones are a type of computer hardware that are equally important. Hardware that belongs to the category of input hardware is often used to enter data in the form of audio. The microphone is capable of converting analog sound to digital.

Microphones are usually used to communicate with colleagues while playing online games or when holding a video conference so that other people can hear your voice. In order to get quality audio, you need to choose the best type of microphone to use on your computer.

9. Speaker

speaker as examples of computer hardware

Speakers are also included in examples of computer hardware. Every laptop is generally equipped with built-in speakers. So you can play audio directly through the default device.

Meanwhile, desktop computer users generally need to use additional external speakers. These loudspeakers are used to produce sound output on the computer. Generally speakers are used to listen to music, radio, and other sounds in the form of audio.

10. Computer Projector

The next examples of computer hardware is a projector. You need to know that the projector itself is a tool that changes the projection of the monitor screen into a larger size.

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How it works, the projector must be connected to a computer and use a roll screen as the projection medium. Usually the projector is used when watching a plug-in screen or holding a presentation.

11. Flashdisk

flashdisk computer

In addition to the hard drive, other hardware that you also need to know is Flashdisk. Flashdisk is quite popular because of its small and practical shape so it is easy to carry anywhere. Its function is to store data. Even though it is small, the flash has the ability to store data large enough up to 1 TB.

Usually, Flashdisk is used as a tool to store temporary data. Flashdisk can also be used to transfer data from one computer to another. Although its use is increasingly popular, you still have to be careful because its small shape makes the flash drive prone to loss.

12. Printers

Printer is a piece of hardware that is also important in computer equipment. Printers are useful for printing documents so that they can be seen in physical form such as paper. This printed data also includes text to images.

This hardware is often needed in an academic or office environment. Especially for the needs of printing documents, files, and or others according to the needs of the office.

13. Scanner

scanner as examples of computer hardware

In addition to printers, computer hardware that you need to know next is a scanner. In short, Scanner is a piece of hardware that can convert data from physical form such as paper into digital form. You could say this scanner is like the opposite of a printer.

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Currently, there are many printers that also have a feature to scan. This combined device is relatively more practical to use. So that the computer device does not require a lot of hardware at the time of its use.


Hardware is a very important part of a computer. The existence of hardware will be able to make computer performance more optimal and optimal. So that the computer can be used to meet the needs of users.

In general, there are quite a number of types of hardware on a computer. Starting from the monitor, RAM, CPU, speakers, and so on. Each piece of hardware has different functions and purposes of use from one another.

That’s a complete discussion of examples of computer hardware and their functions. After reading this article, hopefully you can find out in more detail what hardware is and also examples of hardware that are often used on computers.

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